Prize: "Científico Cultural, Prefectura Naval Argentina, 1997" to Dr. G. Darrigran, for his contribution to the advance of knowledge in Natural Sciences, which deserve international diffusion. Prefectura Naval Argentina. 22nd October 1997. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
  Prize: "Fundación Norte Ecológico" to Dr. Gustavo Darrigran in recognition of his experience in the area of environmental research (invading species). International Conference on Climatic Change, 7-13th November 1998, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires. Handed by economist-ecologist Antonio Brailovsky.

  Prize: "MERCOPremio. Area: Environment" to Dr. Gustavo Darrigran, as principal author of the contribution "BIVALVOS INVASORES. Un novedoso problema económico-ambiental en el agua dulce de los países del MERCOSUR". Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, through it's Gabinete do MERCOSUL, with the Asociación de Universidades Grupo Montevidéo - AUGM. 18th December 2000. Porto Alegre. Brasil.


Dr. Gustavo Darrigran(Biologist) and Lic. Jorge Darrigran (Economy),
two of the authors of the work distinguished with the "Mercopremio Medio Ambiente"

  Dr. Pablo Penchaszadeh greets Dr. Darrigran Prize: "Evergreen" on Research (CYF Foundation) to Laura Zampatti and Dr. Gustavo Darrigran for their contribution "GENERACIÓN y TRANSFERENCIA del CONOCIMIENTO. El Inicio de un Intercambio Eficiente". Fourth prize as best cultural and buisiness work between Argentina and the Far East. December 2000 Handed by Dr. Luis María Moisés Trujillo, General Secretary of the Forum of Mercosur Leaders to Laura Zampatti y Gustavo Darrigran. Handing of the fourth prize.


  Giving the Evergreen Prize, el Dr. Luis M.M. Trujillo (derecha) to Laura Zampatti and Gustavo Darrigran (izquierda).

The Dr. Pablo Penchaszadeh salutes to Dr. Darrigran.

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